Quality Control

Ensuring accuracy and precision of patient sample results

Radiometer’s Quality Control (QC) solutions automate and improve QC procedures for acute care testing. Our powerful tools ensure the reliability of patient sample results. We work to minimise the risk of analyser downtime and support regulatory compliance.

The QC features on Radiometer analysers, including customisable scheduling of QC measurements, helps you ensure compliance with local regulatory requirements. Add to this our advanced software solutions that give you access to QC data from any networked computer.

Optimised QC materials

As a leading manufacturer of acute care analysers, Radiometer has the in-depth knowledge required to design and manufacture well-documented and stable QC materials designed for each individual analyser type. This ensures that errors detected by the analyser’s QC system are true errors, and that there is a high probability that the analyser is performing correctly when no errors are detected.

Metrological traceability

Radiometer manufactures QC material of high quality based on internationally recommended reference methods and in most cases our QC material is traceable to certified reference materials from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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